September 01, 2013

Day 7- talk about your idol and how they influence you

Idols who influenced me? Eh, I idolize tons of guys and gals out there, but I don't think I worship their footsteps enough to create a teeny tiny bit of influence in me. I mean, I don't see any improvement or resemblance on myself that could be compared to those people. But for the sake of content, I will just have to enumerate my fave people, regardless of effect. Inspiration time:

Jonathan Carroll
, I absolutely love this guy, his books are the best thing that ever made its way to Earth. One of my serious frustrations in life was that his books don't get the attention they deserve, and when I say attention, I mean becoming top bestseller in every country with movie adaptations. He's that good. The way he writes makes me want to meet his characters in real life. He's also notorious for the weird things that's happening inside his novels too. Like Neil Gaiman said, Jonathan Carrol "has the magic" 

Audrey Hepburn! She died the year I was born. Yep a constant disappointment. Anyway just absolutely adore her, she's really beautiful, the epitome of a woman's timeless elegance. Even during her later years, she's still stunning. In the time where plastic surgery is a total stranger, natural beauties like her truly shine.

Natalie Portman makes this list too. Incidentally, she looks like Audrey hahaha. This time however, it's not only her beauty I admire, but her brains. Wait I'm not saying I don't like Audrey Hepburn's brains too, it's nt like that, it's just that Portman's is a little bit on higher tier compared to most humans. A research assistant at Harvard, fluent in five languages and has also pursued graduate studies, all the while making movies. Like whoa girl, just whoa.

Michio Kaku. Cool guy, I've always been delighted with the notion of parallel universes and the Quantum physics. He made me love this complicated part of science and very understandable. People should try to listen to him once in a while.

As for now, these are my idols. I'm sure I still have a few more but these guys just make it to the top spot.

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