September 11, 2013

What To Wear for the Lower Half

The following scans from a Japanese magazine. But since I have no idea where these exactly came from (I mean just look at all those magazines, it's impossible to search through them all), I decided to save the scans and share them here. First things first, each row shows different types of legs, and the columns signify the shoes, skirts, leggings and jeans used by the models. With the chart you could identify which combinations look good on certain types of legs. From what I could decipher:
Bad         OK        ◯ Good
Please be reminded too that the magazine's fashion sense does not necessarily mean it would be the same for others. So just chill away and be calm if you happen to disagree with one of the combinations below.

Shoes + Shorts / Skirts
Tights + Skirts
Quite comprehensive, I hope I'll be able to unearth an upper body version soon.


  1. Excuse me, do you remember which magazine did you get the scan from?

    1. she already said "since I have no idea where these exactly came from"
      learn to read