September 14, 2013

Link Feature: 3 Websites to "Waste" Time

Time is gold as the saying goes, but most of us tend to forget its importance and take me for example. I usually spend hours on Tumblr or 9gag, but that results to me forgetting about online projects, or just leave me feeling guilty of having wasted my time on pictures of cute cats,
Now, I promised to myself that if I ever had a lazy mood and only had internet for company, I could at least put that time to good use. So let me share to you my three favorite websites to help us waste time effectively:


Easily one of most popular humor sites online. Everybody knows about them and the only introduction I could give it that they share knowledge in a funny way.
Cracked had been quite lucky with their viewers all these years and had given itself a makeover, making the entire page easier to navigate compared to its older self. Another good improvement is that the writers are now updating almost everyday so visitors could always expect to find another note-worthy article to look forward to.
Some favorite articles:
-The 15 Most Shameless Fake Photos Ever Passed Off as Real
-5 Things Movie Trailers Need to Stop Doing


Focusing mainly on Kpop, Kdramas, plus a dash of Jpop and fangirls on the side, AsianJunkie has always been my favorite Asian Entertainment website. I've been reading their articles for years, and despite the internet humor and troll-poking celebrities, they still managed to discuss the issues effectively. It could be from controversies, hilarious fan comments, new singles, and even G Dragon's fashion sense and this constant crusades against creepy fangirls and fanboys. Lastly, they're pretty useful to keep up with the asian entertainment news.
Some favorite articles:
-Perfume reveal new album art for ‘LEVEL 3′, a new song ’1mm’, and Kashiyuka’s forehead
-New K-Pop Groups Likely Victims Of Impending Market Correction Due To Oversaturation
-Top 5 Best C-Pop Artists For Virgin Ears


Learning is constant, but doing research on your own is shitty. But since Listverse exist, I am at peace. Covering science, society, history and more, their articles share Top 10 of every topic, summarized and understandable. You could already learns tons of stuff just reading through them in an hour. They are a bit similar to Cracked, a serious version is more direct to the point.
Some interesting articles:
-Top 20 Human Cannibals by Country (yep it's not always Top 10)
-10 Innovative Pieces of Technology That Failed Miserably
-10 Extreme Examples of Gender Inequality

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