May 31, 2014

Garage Sale at Japan National Olympic Stadium

As it is known, Tokyo Japan will be hosting the 2020 Olympics. This means that they will be using the National Olympic Stadium for the opening and closing ceremonies as well. Not surprising a large budget of $1 billion is created for the sole purpose of upgrading it alone. The Olympic Stadium a.k.a. Kokuritsu Kyogijo, will be demolished by 2015 and is set to for a five-year renovation period. To herald the stadium's impending haitus an official ‘Sayonara Kokuritsu’ campaign had been made that both reminisce the historical events that took place in Kokuritsu but to also promote Japanese culture to the rest of the world.

There's some recent news however. Apparently, before demolishing the entire stadium, it has to be dismantled first and guess what, they're for sale!

The lawn, the VIP seats. the reporter's seats and even 20 pieces of fucking manholes. This sounds really hilarious at first, but to fair, Kokuritsu had its share of memorable events. I'd like a seat too since I've never been to an Arashi concert before (haha joke!) Manholes are just weird though. I wonder who would ever buy those. Well, if you have any plans, go find them here

1 comment:

  1. As weird as it sounds, the manholes in Japan are kinda amazing and has its own unique designs. Each city has its own design to represent there respective areas. I've seen quite a lot whenever I visit there.



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