May 25, 2014

BREAKING NEWS: AKB48 Members Injured at a Fan Event

Kawaei Rina(19), Iriyama Anna (18) and a male staff member were attacked today by a 24-year-old man carrying a hand saw. He managed to get inside inside the AKB48 handshake event around 5pm at Takizawa, Iwate Prefecture today. The event was cancelled immediately and police was called to the scene. The suspect was arrested on the spot for attempted murder.

Kawaei Rina was said to be bleeding from the head while Iriyama Anna and the staff member had arm injuries The extent of the injuries were forutnately non life threatening.

The famous idol group AKB48 is known for their handshake events where fans could have the change to interact with their favorite idol. Due to the popularity of these events, inspections of baggage is almost always overlooked, thus it isn't thoroughly impossible that a man could smuggle a dangerous weapon inside the venue.


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