June 08, 2014

Jesse Eisenberg is Lex and People are Still Bitching About It

Last January, this year, Warner Bros had announced that 30-year-old Jesse Eisenberg had been chosen to act out the role of Lex Luthor in the highly anticipated ‘Batman vs. Superman’ movie. Not surprisingly, this fueled a huge negative reception. After the commotion with Ben Affleck being chosen as Batman last year, this sure is another bad publicity for the film.

This reminded me of another DC film adaptation way back in 2008 where a certain actor was "mistakenly" chosen to act a certain iconic role:

But compared to the reactions to Eisenberg and Ben Affleck's casting, Ledger's was still kinda tame. Because despite the negative reactions to the new Joker, at least Ledger had the advantage of being respected for his past films and the social media during that time is still not as popular as it is now. To be fair, Affleck has some catching up to do after the Daredevil flop and how could the young Eisenberg play a smug, charismatic, egotistical millionaire? 

Oh wait

What I'm saying is, people should calm their tits when it comes to screaming murder against casting decisions made by producers and directors who are too busy to hear your "ideas" anyway. Especially those who are in the extremes, the ones who seriously act as if they know exactly how everything would turn out (yes whether it's negative or positive) when the film isnt even made yet. Predictions are nice but being a loud exaggerated shit is annoying.

I mean, there's nothing wrong with having calm open-minded discussions, right?. It just annoys me that there are those who loudly comment as if their opinions came straight out of the bible. Wait until the movie comes out then start releasing your inner demons.

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