September 18, 2014

Arashi5x15 + Rare Photos

Here's the thing, I've been an Arashi fan since 2006 due to Jun Matsumoto's Gokusen, I was soon-to-be a high school freshman then and Jun Matsumoto was my boyfriend. Now it's 2014, Arashi is already in their 30's and I've graduated from the university. Seeing all the updates on their Blast in Hawaii concert, this sums up what I feel:

HAHAHA! Seriously, I'm so jelly right now, but I'm so fucking happy for the boys that any negative emotions is washed away by the great love and support from all Arashi fans worldwide. Now as a celebration for Arashi's 15th anniversary in the enetertainment industry, I'll be sharing some of their rare photos!

I just realized Nino is literally everywhere during their Junior days. It seems he's friends with everybody eh? Anyway the next photos will feature Ohno Satoshi. I have this feeling that these are personal pics. Sadly, I forgot where I got them initially since it was years ago. But some are obviously from weibo. Anyway enjoy!

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