May 07, 2013

A Dog Reflection

This is a short essay I made for my English class last semester. I chose my dog as my subject because I just want to write an essay in which my heart is very fond of.

Ever since the earliest civilizations, dogs had been known to interact with humans, and possibly, must have the most experience compared to other animals. Whether it is in the form of the simple job of maintaining a rat-free rice field, or being treated with utmost respect as a god of some sort, people can't deny the generosity and loyalty these four-footed friends had contributed in our daily lives. Nowadays, dogs are either domesticated pets or public servants. The photo above shows my own dog in one of its peaceful afternoon slumber, taken after a long morning spent barking at strangers, playing with us, the humans. Just being important in its own little way. Dogs, they are most generous when it comes to friendship, laughter, discipline and responsibility. With all these things, it is not surprising that dogs are always running about. Thus, seeing a dog slumbering contentedly for once could make any pet owner reflect on how easily these simple animals could be happy with just good food and shelter, their superficial satisfaction is enough to make them feel secure enough. That is why it is sad to see some dog owners take their pets for granted: 'Forgetting' their dinners, chaining them, physical abuse, and all other actions that are surprising for a rational person to do. Yes, dogs are such an effort to keep. Fleas everywhere, picky eaters, poltergeists towards guest, oh and they have teeth and they bite. But isn't life difficult too? When dogs could give so much and ask for little, humans are more than capable of doing the same. One should be grateful for the opportunity to care for one, or just any other kind of pet for that matter. As rational being, given the almighty power of being able to use logic and critical thinking and shit, we have the responsibility to keep them safe and not to give hurt. Given the chance, a dog is a family in so many ways, and quoting author Louis Sabin "No matter how little money and how few possessions you own, having a dog makes you rich."

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