May 08, 2013

Pretty Boy is too Handsome

On April 12, three UAE members of a cultural delegation were escorted from a cultural festival in Saudi Arabia, then sent them back to their country. The reason? It seems the men were too beautiful for their own good. The Saudi police feared it might tempt their women. When I first heard this news last month, I was plainly amused. I mean is being pretty a national crime these days? Saudi Arabia is known for its own share of weird news, but this one just owned it. Anyway the three men were there to promote tourism, and up until now their identities are still a mystery since there were no official reports. 

However there had been a burst of excited speculation that one of them had been the ultra gorgeous Omar Borkan Al Gala. He's the guy with over 700,000 likes in his Facebook page and his photos making every woman online go wild in commenting yousohandsomeomgiloveyous. Imagine meeting him in person.

Fortunately Philippine show "Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho" got an exclusive interview. Unfortunately for me, we couldnt get a fucking signal of the channel so I totally missed it, but here's the Youtube upload though:

"All of the sudden you get calls from different parts of the world" Omar's manager said "And all of a sudden the things that are happening re just insane on how it just spread and your whole world turned upside down almost overnight"

Omar on the other hand talked about the most important thing in the minds of females right now
"I'm single"

Let us all be happy girls, be freakin happy.
"I give love for whoever gives me love, I just get loved back, Whoever says I love you, I say I love you too"He also had a message to his fans "I love you guys, I really appreciate your love, I really appreciate the support you guys have given me, Mahal kita and salamat (I love you and thank you)"

Aww that's sweet

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