May 23, 2013

Movies that Stuck to my Brain 2012-2013

I got the opportunity to watch You are the Apple of my Heart during a get-together with my high school friends a few months ago. We have no idea what the movie was about besides that it was based from its director's semi-autobiographical novel. As a whole, it was a typical story of the boy,Ko Ching-teng meets girl, Shen Chia-yi, drifting apart as the years went by. However it still is a fun movie, especially the events during the characters' high school years which includes getting caught while masturbating in class, low grades, pranks on the female classmates, oh, and Ko Ching-teng being a nudist. Also, I love how bittersweet it was. I'm glad they managed to put in few more laughs till the very end. Also since this is based on real events and the movie did well in cinemas, there had been a wide public interest on the real life characters. You could read more about that here
Next cool film I saw was Limitless starring Bradley Cooper, that actor from Hangoever with one hell of a sexy name. He plays as Eddie Morra. The guy was financially down, a struggling writer and newly dumped by his girlfriend. When all hope is gone, he met his ex brother-in-law who offered him a drug that could make him use his brain's 100% capacity. He took it and had better senses, perfect memory, perfect social skills, learns languages in hours, became successful in stock trading, etcetera. However Eddie realized the drug's side effects and the enemies he made in taking it. The story then takes off in trying to outsmart these men as well as survive and retain whatever intelligence he got from the pills. Reviews on the film are either amazed at the plot idea or hates the plot holes the film had. Personally I enjoyed the film and keep on imagining what I would do if were in Eddie's shoes the entire time I was watching.

Next movie from my list is of course, Upside Down. Kirsten Dunst and Jim Sturgess and Kirsten Dunst play as Adam and Eden, two people form two different worlds that are governed by gravitational laws in which the upper world, where Eden lives is the world of the rich, while the lower world consists of poverty-stricken people like Adam. However there is a mountain that gets very close to the upper and this is where he met Eden. Even if their worlds pull them in opposite directions, Adam sets out in a personal mission to reunite with his true love. Aww besides the unique idea and love story thing, the movie also boasts amazing visuals of the unique worlds.

Disney's Brave was released in June 2012, but it was only months later that I was able to finally watch it. I was at first unimpressed since after Tangled, I pretty much prefer stories with a prince in it. But since Brave proved to be a nice story between mother and daughter, it became a favorite! I was awed at Merida, I was just mesmerized by her. First, her flaming red hair is so gorgeous, it's not the usual style we see from other Disney princesses where flowing locks is more in use. Merida's is just amazing, unruly and bouncing all over. It's also cool to note that Pixar created an entire software just for this red mane of hers. Also I am fascinated with the way she talks too, I never thought Scottish accent could sound so good in English, very well done.

So yeah, these are the four movies I enjoyed very much, though there are still honorable mentions like, Hangover 1 and 2, Prometheus, The Perks of Being a Wallflower. I don't like much of the movies showed in the first half of 2013 though except for Iron Man 3 and Life of Pi. However there are still a few movies I'm excited for ;)

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