November 07, 2013

Day 11 - Your Biggest Fear

The fear of holes.
I began noticing this "fear" of mine when I was still in high school. I hate seeing irregular holes in walls, pancakes, drawings or even imagining them. Makes me feel nauseated and wanting to get away from those ugly-as-sin craters as soon as possible. I never really thought much about it through the years but with the help of the ultra-reliable internet, I was able to discover that I am not alone. Apparently it's commonly called Trypophobia and despite being treated as an unofficial phobia, a lot of people actually accepted it as part of their list if fears.
I have found my family.

The best part is as recently as three months ago, Trypophobia is considered by psychologists as an 'invention', or in kinder words, 'a new and uncategorized' phobia. Technically they were right. But just this September, a study from the University of Essex considered that it may have been an old surviving instinct, a natural biological reaction as the brain associates the holes with danger.

Sounds legit. But this is still my number one fear so far. I can't even begin to tell you about those fucking lotus pods, and those fucking photoshops of lotus pods on a person's skin.


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