November 21, 2013

Days 12, 13 and 14- Your thoughts on drugs and alcohol

Day 12 - A picture of the place where you were born
It's currently impossible since my hometown is miles away. I'm not even sure if the hospital still exists.

Day 13 - Discuss your first kiss

Day 14 - Your thoughts on drugs and alcohol
Alcohol's alright, especially the light and tasty stuff. I hate beer though. But since I'm not really what others call as a social (yep not even close) drinker, I'm not in the position to really judge the beverage or the people drinking it.

However for drugs, I blame the persons using them carelessly. Marijuana sounds OK, the most common ones are actually useful in the field of medicine, so I truly am annoyed at how guys tend to abuse these drugs. Plus, being on the road to self-destruction is really sad to behold too. If these drugs were left alone, I highly doubt they would be even illegal. Such is life, there's no turning back now.

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