November 22, 2013

Day 15 - Your Celebrity Crushes

Obviously I went an extra mile for this post. I made a collage of my beautiful babies:
My future husbands
1. Lee Hyuk (조빈) is the gorgeous half of the Korean duo NORAZO which debuted way back in 2005. He is currently known for having such an amazing 18 level octave vocal range and just being the sexy eye candy.
During his pre-debut days, his father was actually against his dreams of becoming a singer. He didn't have enough money for classes too, so Lee is said to have walked to Youngdong bridge so he could sing out loud without distracting anybody. He was also said to have frequent subway stations too as he practices his vocals as the train approaches. That's all in the past now as he had come a long way.

2. Jin Qin (金勤) has been a huge favorite of mine ever since I saw his cute smiles in Skip-Beat! and Hayate the Combat Butler. Unfortunately he only plays minor roles despite having good acting skills. I really am fuming, I mean he's so hot and adorable in his Weibo account (of course I'm following him). But anyways, I'm happy he was able to get himself into successful Taiwanese dramas, maybe he'll get his big break soon.

3. Satoshi Ohno (大野智) An artist, singer, host, actor, dancer, deep-sea fisherman, and the leader of the popular boy group Arashi. Could I ask for more?

4. Tom Hiddleston. Let's face it, Loki was just one of those unknown villains outside the world of comic-book fans. But when this guy wore the green and gold costume and smiled maniacally on the big screen, everybody just fell for the evil guy. Oh yeah, he went to Eton too, as well as University of Cambridge. When it comes to his appearance, he's just flawless:
Yes, I'm a Hiddlestoner.

5. Jensen Ross Ackles is another celebrity crush! I love Supernatural, and before that I was hooked on Smallville, so loving this guy is no surprise. It's almost impossible to imagine him and Dean Winchester as different persons since it's as if he always in character outside the show.

6. Alfredo James "Al" Pacino. The younger version or his present day self, I salute this man. My mother loved the movie Scarface which I only appreciated when I finally watched it. Then came Godfather  which became the final nail on my neutrality coffin, and I was transformed into a giggling fangirl.
To sum up everything:

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