June 07, 2013

Everybody Hates The Red Wedding

Game of Throne's season 3 finale is set for this weekend. Everybody I believe isn't so excited due to the "Rains of Castamere" episode.
First of all, I should say I was happily gloating over my non-reader friends and teasing them with spoilers. This week is just one of those finest moments. I'm just sitting alone in a dusty shadowed corner, wearing my knowing smile as the rest of humanity watched the ninth episode of The Game of Thrones. There had been predictions of course, also warnings floating around the web, but I guess the horrifying elements of The Red Wedding is still so compelling.
When I came upon this part in the books, I was actually calm, not even sad. Why? I was so sure they escaped and expecting Robb and Catelyn to pop out in later pages alive and strong and normal and that the Freys actually  killed the wrong people and shit. Seriously, it was only when the Undead Catelyn showed herself that it dawned to me that Robb was really really really dead. The non-readers had it worse since even if Robb in the books wasn't given as much exposure. he was generously bombarded with importance in the show. In TV, he has longer screen time, and even showed how his love story took place. I understand the all the sadness, but I still retain the evil happiness of seeing everything in action.
For those who are condemning HBO to the pits of hell, please be reasonable, you don't want to miss the dragons right? Right. 

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