June 17, 2013

This Guy is Finally Thirty Years Old

Which reminds me, I believe my next project would be making an info graphic documenting how this miracle Ninomiya went through years and still looking like a teenager. I know Nino might be a guy with good intentions but it sure is creepy that seems to be an immortal or something. His face had long been a joke among the fan girls. Asking friends (who doesn't know a group of pretty males called Arashi exist) on guessing Nino's age on a certain photo with a certain proof of the photo's date has always been an amusing pastime.But back on the project thing, I'll surely do it, watch out for the output two months from now ;) I might even cover other "immortal" beings like Masako Mizutani and this another Japanese actor whose name I unfortunately forgot. I'll do a bit of research so stay tuned!

But no really, let us all celebrate since it's his birthday today! Wooohoo! Here's another pretty pic of Nino:

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