June 22, 2013

Copying off our Boys? Really?

Hi, I'm here for another Arashi post! I'll talk about people outside the group this time, these are the ones crawling over twitter and blogs because they are said to have done a bit of snooping and copying off the popular Japanese group. Weirdly the following allegations had nothing to do with their music or dance steps:

1. As we all know is Arashi made some sort of trademark during the later part of 2012 when their successful album Popcorn was released. Netizens went apeshit however when K.Will uploaded a pic of him wearing the familiar popcorn head. How'd he came by this look anyway? The root of the photos was when Korean singer uploaded a photo of him eating popcorn and at the same time promoting his new song "Love Blossom". The photo triggered a bunch of "So cute omg" comments and thus the second, more controversial pic surfaced later on as some sort of thanksgiving/treat for his fans.

2. Another Popcorn incident concerns about a Korean artist called BA14. I'm not so sure if this is in a concert or something but the main focus has been the certain prop used on the stage. If you'll look closely, the logo of Popcorn is quite visible, and very much similar to the font to the one Arashi used in their album. Why the group or whatever is in charge with the production used the same logo, no one really knows.

3. Next in the list is about the Korean boy group SHINee. Now despite their current popularity, this group is quite active in the cyber world for allegations hurled at them: SHINee copying Lady Gaga, SHINee copying G Dragon, SHINee copying Chris Brown. One of the ever popular plagiarism cases they supposedly had is the copying of an intro vid from an Arashi concert. So colors could be copyrighted these days eh?

4. Fourth in line is Tudou. That's right folks! Even companies are copying off Arashi these days! Anyway, Tudou is China's alternative to Youtube. The plagiarized material is the opening theme of Arashi's Himitsu no Arashi-chan. Now this one is so freaking blatant it's amusing. The hats killed it for me.

5. Last but not the least, concert posters! Yes we are now at marketing channels. There's this ‘ONE GREAT STEP’ world tour poster showing INFINITE members trampling on typography shadows. However, people started calling bullshit when they pointed out that the poster’s concept was very much similar to Arashi's 15th single ‘WISH’'s jacket album. I see no problem with the poster if truth to be told. It says Great Step: the concept is just perfect, it's even better suited than Arashi's Wish (I'm a fan but come on, wish=stepping on letters (=_=?).

Hell even the recent Hollywood movie used the same idea, it's not as original as we thought.

Everybody likes to think they're special little snowflakes. Arashi fangirls should pull the reins once in a while, especially in their reactions online, just because there's some sort of similarities with an obscure part of somebody else's marketing strategy does not mean those guys are out as head hunters, determined to kill off idol groups.

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