July 03, 2013

Kill Yourself, Then the Consequences

This took place last month so this commentary and story telling is actually late. Anyway, a guy jumped off the third floor of our local mall, and landed on his head which instant killed him. I was in school that time but news traveled fast nonetheless and it became the afternoon talk in every class.

I wasn't too curious about the whole situation since I was busy on my other priorities that time. Thus it was much to my great surprise to see photos of the dead man on my Facebook news feed by the time I got home. That was truly the worse thing ever. So there's a man who committed a suicide, a person thought it a good idea to bring out his iOS and take pictures because and upload it directly on Facebook since he's now a journalist of some sort and YOLO shit. That idea apparently isn't so original since we got a handful of photos (and it's already a lot in social media) of the corpse from different angles. With no editing, with all the horrific reality in-your-face with no regard to their friends who will see it after logging into their accounts. What a weird way to die, to have your dead body seen in such a disgraceful manner.

So what made that man do one last public stunt? No one truly knows, everyone only had speculations and we don't have any updates. The most commonly theorized stories is that he's a Spurs fan who is heartbroken because they lost to Heat. This one of course a big ass joke, but it sure is amusing to see others relaying this information seriously to others and actually believing it. The second theory was that it was actually a public execution, like he was blackmailed to death and did it publicly to ensure the villains. That was way too scary for my taste.

Because of this small city of ours, events like these are still remembered weeks afterwards, that was why when one of our city's congressmen tried to kill himself and failed, everyone is again gleefully jumping onto the negativity bandwagon, so the botched attempt is treated as a joke. I overheard one old man say why he dislike this congressman: "It is annoying to see a male congressman who is prettier than most of the females under his district." Whoa that was one hell of an opinion.

To sum it up, I realized that people in general, don't respect those who take their own lives. Lesson learned: Bad things happened to everyone and it may be hard but you just have to fight on no matter what.

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