August 14, 2013

Day 4 - your most significant childhood memory

How do you exactly know when a childhood memory is significant? I'm not sure sure what to include since my childhood had been a fortunate and happy one. Life was way better those days.

Well let me tell you about me and grandfather instead. My grandfather was one of the kindest man that ever lived. He's somewhere in heaven right now but I will never forget him. He was a gentle man, too generous and a grandfather to the core. My favorite memory with him was when he visited us for a few days when I was around eight years old. After a whole busy day at school, I always make it a point to arrive home early and watch Dragon Ball Z.

Afternoon ritual for kids of all ages

When my grandpa was present we watched it together. We were both definite Goku fans. An episode will crawl itself until night time, and my mother will always talk how amused she was when she saw the two of us with eyes glued to the screen like two toddlers. Oftentimes, grandpa will fall asleep unnoticed too, even if it's in the middle of one of the eternal battle scenes. Also this is the reason why I give sentimental value to Dragon Ball Z. Anime works in mysterious ways. This memory didn't gave me a dramatic lesson in life and realizations and shit, it is significant simply because it's one of the most treasured memories I have.

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