August 17, 2013

Day 5 - discuss your feelings on the word “love” and the way it’s used in today

Love is so freaking broad. It is one word that constitutes a never ending horizon of an ocean. It could pertain to a love of an old man to his dog companion, the love of a mother feels while watching her son play happily with friends, the love of a sophomore feels for that senior, well you get the idea. Oftentimes however, love could also be connected to false promises, broken hearts and letting go.

A man may whisper "I love you" to his partner one peaceful morning then by afternoon, said the same three words to his mistress. A young girl might swear upon the heavens and the earth that she absolutely "love" this rock band she's currently listening to, but changes opinion upon hearing a song by another artist. A woman could also say that what she's feeling is "true love" but could not proclaim it to the world since the man she fell for is already taken.

Life is not perfect, so is love. Thus I am not aggressively against the careless way some people use the word these days. Everybody wants to hear it anyway. Who knows, maybe every time it is uttered as a form of deception or false assurance, a small sprinkle of honesty is spoken along with it, so not all "lies" are really lies.

In the end it's not the words but the actions and the intentions that matter most.

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