August 24, 2013

Kapamilya Caravan for Kagay-an Festival 2013!

Stars from ABS-CBN's Primetime shows visited Cagayan de Oro last night for the Kapamilya Caravan, the regional offering for this week's fiesta. With a good friend of mine, we arrived at SM City as early as 2pm! There were no chairs so we were just standing while waiting for the program to begin, and we waited for three hours. Three. Hours. Standing.

Despite the cold and the aching legs, we still have the advantage of being near the stage, so everything is in full view. When the local artists started the event, it was already late in the afternoon, right before sunset. A bunch of games sponsored by known brands dominated the first few hours. They paid for marketing, so they're going to get it. Even if I had fun watching the games, most people in the audience were already impatient. Even the grey heavens above looks like it would weep anytime.

At last after many many hours of patience, the most awaited part finally arrived, the hosts first introduced Sam Milby! He was a cool guy, and gave us three performances. Everybody just went batshit crazy just to cheer for him.

Then the casts from the drama Annaliza came onstage one at the time. First was Khalil Ramos who gave us a few songs too. The next one onstage was Carlo Aquino. He just blew me away. I never thought that he could be so handsome in personal. The funny thing was that when he started to sing his number, the heavens gave way and rained on us. Shit, it was a truly bad timing and I would have done anything just to pull those umbrellas away so I could see him. But noooo, the shitty rain came down hard and we were all wet and busy trying to find cover under available umbrellas.

When Kaye Abad came, things got a little bit calmer, and they sang and made jokes. Zanjoe Marudo and the forever cute Andrea Brillantes were also present.

The next stars to come up were the popular trio from Muling Buksan ang Puso. Enrique Gil danced and sang and despite the rain the crowd just squeezed themselves to get a glimpse of him. Julia was another surprise too, maybe because her past role as a mature Katarina in Walang Hanggan stuck into my mind, but I did not anticipate her voice. It sounds so... young? Seriously, she's really pretty and her voice is so cute. 

Enchong Dee on the other hand startled me not because of being different from his screen image but because what you see is what you get. He's the jolly one and the star of the night. He's really friendly with the audience and we of course loved more for that. Somebody even screamed a loud "I LOVE YOU ENCHONG!!" and with a huge smile he replied "I love you din!". It happened once more later on and he replied the same way. Shit. The guy's so cute.

duet time!
The night ended successfully, and I congratulate ABS-CBN for the event, and huge thanks to the sponsors for making it possible. Also today, it will be Coco Martin's turn to say hi, but I'm not sure if I'm going to see him this time. =( LOL

Photo Credits: Ranilyn Angus

UPDATE 6/26/2013
With my mother and grandma, we went to SM City Cagayan de Oro last night. We heard about the Pyro Festival so we decided to give it a try with Coco Martin as an added bonus. We were just watching from afar but fortunately, the sky gave us no rain and the stage is still in full view.

Aaron Villaflor came onstage first and gave a few songs, plus making a random girl happy with a harana. Then here comes Coco Martin....wearing sunglasses. Sunglasses. At Night. Wat. So most of us were kinda disappoint, but since the guy has always been here in Cagayan de Oro, I forgive him.

The best part of the night was the Pyrofestival. Words can't describe the awesomeness so I'll just leave it at that. =)

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