August 27, 2013

Food Craze!

Food is food, diamonds may be immortal bastards and money makes the world go round, but for all living things, eating has always been the main priority. I mean look at Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, a status won't be complete without taking a pic of your meal. The same goes for Tumblr with all food porn and there's that infinite list of food blogs too. Plus in real life, people tend to follow food fads too.

A new restaurant in town? Everyone flocks to that establishment. They have a new menu? Long lines await the cash register. Tastes good? Marketing through word of mouth persists. So here are some of the food fads/ food innovations I noticed:


Macarons has been around for so long, but it is only these past few years that the cute meringue-based confection experiences massive popularity. They come in all sort of fillings and flavors. It's quite shitty to make however, and takes lots of love and patience to make your very own macarons from the basic ingredients. Making them might make someone go batshit crazy and give up, which in turn makes me wonder if it's expensive mainly because of the labor one has to invest just to sell customers these babies.


This is the most fascinating one, not because it's actually cool but that I'm amazed how people seem to act like Nutella is the best invention ever despite the fact that the hazelnut chocolate spread has been around since forever. Too much of something is bad, but I continue too see "I love Nutella" all over the internet, oh and photos of people eating out of the jar. I could accept peanut butter, but Nutella? It tastes good but the fad sure makes my stomach feel crappy.


The official site states that this pastry has "a short shelf life...if you do cut, please use a serrated knife, so as not to crush the layers... Since Cronuts™ are filled with cream, we do not recommend serving them warm." The biggest hype in the world of food this year. Cronut is the result by chef Dominique Ansel's creativity of marrying croissant and doughnut. What had been a new offering in his bakery have become a sensation that resulted to Cronuts wannabes in many parts of the globe. Even DIY recipes are sprouting all over the internet that making Ansel's Cronut a trademark almost seems worthless already. *shrugs

Ramen Burger

This next culinary history figure is Keizo Shimamoto's ramen burger! It is basically that, an all-beef patty between two lightly fried ramen noodle "buns". Others are saying that this isn't an original concept, however, Shimamoto used secret soy sauce too, and pretty much his creation is said to taste quite good which make this Ramen Burger one tier higher.

Taco Waffle

Taco Bell's newest experiment is hitting the news. What is this new addition all about? Taco waffles. Waffles folded like a taco with the different fillings. This is still in testing stage for now, testing the waters among consumers, but hopefully bound to go official sometime next year.

Pizza Cones

Anything portable is bound to be a success and everybody loves pizza, thus this pizza cones is the perfect formula for anyone. There are tons of Pizza Cone recipes online, but like a pizza, it's entirely up to you what toppings the use. After making it, you could just eat it on-the-go! Quite innovative.

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