August 10, 2013

Link Feature: Three Pinoy Online Shops to Bookmark

Besides the ongoing blog challenge I'm doing right now, I will also start featuring websites, blogs and all other cool things I found online. For this first post for the series, I am putting three Philippine-based online shops under the spotlight:


Heima® Home & Lifestyle is an online shop that takes pride from their original product lines. They design furnitures like chairs, tables, etc.The cool thing is they accept custom-made orders, giving home furnitures a cute and unique twist with good attention to detail. I love going through their catalog, everything looks contemporary but colorful. They also offer home decors, cameras, phones, paper products, and from the screen cap above, typewriters. They sure are versatile, and that's a good thing.
Browse more from their shop here

Hey Kessy

Hey Kessy is just one of the increasing number of washi tape resellers online. The reason why I chose to feature this shop instead is because one, they are affordable and readily available in Philippines. This would mean lesser shipping expense as well as lesser risk. They also sell other paper products like stickers, party bags, paper straws, but also offers tote bags. But they are best known for their washi tapes nonetheless. I love their wide selection of designs, from polka dots to floral designs. It's really neat since craft materials are almost always hard to find in Philippines.
See them here, and hessy kessy is also active in Facebook

Belle de Jour 

Belle de Jour is French fashion lingo for an “It” girl. From a personal DIY project, BDJ power planners have certainly come a long way. The company "envision products that empower Filipinos to —try, dare, fail, succeed, experience—live." Classy. They are now specializing in creating sophisticated and girl-power themed planners, and journals, plus membership into their very own community.
The journals also consists of articles, and coupons, making it more than a regular woman's journal. I don't personally use planners, I am not the organized type of girl, but their products are worth the look though. Find out more about them here

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