August 17, 2013

Finally Watched "The Conjuring" [May Contain Spoilers]

I watched The conjuring mainly to discover what all they hype was about. I chickened out at first since that stupid Annabelle doll is the first thing you see in the introduction. When I tried watching it again the next day, I finally finished it. It's a good film, I was entertained, horrified and yeah, I don't think I'll play hide and seek for a while, nor would I distrust a dog's behavior.

What blew me away was that the part I was scared most wasn't the usual make-you-scared scenes of the movie. True, the surprises they used were good, the dark corners were perfect, and that motherfucking doll. Creeps the fuck out of you, just utterly disturbing despite that the real life doll was actually cute.
Not fair!
The scariest scene for me was when Lorraine Warren started enumerating all the suspected ghosts she had researched about the Perron house and their back stories. It was a simple scene but I sure had goosebumps. When she talked about Bathsheba the witch, then that other mother, then the son. Whoa a houseful of ghosts. It really made sense after all the weird occurrences the family was experiencing. So my reaction? "Oh shit there are more than one ghost omfg how shit shit"

Another cool thing about this film is the possession scene. Unlike most exorcism movies, this one wasn't exaggerated, no heavy prosthetics, no gymnastic stunts and lesser gore. Maybe because this time, the movie is truly based off true events, and not a heavily edited anecdote. In fact, the paranormal investigator Lorraine Warren herself became the consultant to the filmmakers. It gives viewers a new reason to trust in the overused "Based on true events" theme in horror movies.

To read more about the movie and its history, read this article here, very informative and I highly recommend this film. Especially if you're planning to watch it alone ;)

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