August 19, 2013

Introducing, Nunu's House!

Ever since 2001, Tomo Tanaka of Nunu's House produces one of the most amazing miniatures I've ever seen online. Each and every one of his creations boasts such fascinating clarity of details, the cuteness factor as well as the perfect texture for every . Seeing them at first glance, one would have mistaken them for normal sized things, but most of them were even smaller than a coin.
His most popular pieces were the miniature food. Here are some of my personal favorites:

Look at that sauce, and those bananas!

It is quite marvelous to see those incredible details, I mean the packaging even has the tiny letters

I have no idea how they managed to pack the sweets individually
T_T the tea looks so real, I could even see the teabag!
French cuisine!
Cake and stationary

There are also non-food miniatures which are equally amazing. The best kind to use in an ultra small dollhouse, or an architectural model. Even guys who care nothing for this kind of art would crave for one of these:

Support Nunu House guys! Visit the official website here, the blog is here, and lastly, like them on Facebook. Nunu's House also offers miniature production courses, for more infrmation, see here.



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