August 19, 2013

Still Have NO Idea What the Napoles Pork Barrel Scam is all About?

The last few weeks had been a nasty time for both the social and political sectors of the Philippines. When the issue first came up about an unknown business woman and her supposed link to a huge pork barrel scam, everybody thought that it was just a phase, after all, there had been quite a number of issues in the past about the careless use of the politicians' budgets. However, as days passed, more and more evidences came up for air, and for once, the Filipinos realized that maybe this time, justice might prevail.

In a most surreal way, this controversy has now blown up to what Philippine Daily Inquirer's Amando Doronila call as "the object of the biggest manhunt in recent Philippine criminal history".

Here is a reblog from Dulz Speaks, regarding an anonymouse office worker summarizing the entire subject for the sake of the busy and the uninformed. It's quite important to really get to know the important details, so thank you Anon!
Anonymous says:
AUGUST 6, 2013 AT 6:36 PM
- Jimmy Napoles is a retired Marine Major officer and BFF with Gregorio “Gringo” Honasan. They are together in the failed coup attempt during the Cory administration. Jimmy Napoles’ was operating the .50 calibre gun of an APC or Battle Tank charging to Camp Crame when it ran out of fuel. Philippine Army fired mortar shells to the APC / Battle Tank and poured fuel and set the vehicle on fire to flush out people inside. The driver of the APC / Battle Tank Died and Jimmy Napoles was burned. Jimmy was confined at V. Luna hospital. Honasan was jailed.
The Napoles family are:
  • Jaime “Jimmy” Napoles
  • Janet “Jenny” “Dragon” Lim Napoles
  • Jo-Christine “X-Tin” “Neneng” Lim Napoles
  • James “Butsoy” Lim Napoles
  • Jeane “Las Vegas” Lim Napoles
  • Christian Napoles
The Luy / Lim Siblings:
  • Ronald “Bullet” Francisco Lim
  • Janet “Jenny” “Dragon” Lim Napoles
  • Reynald “Jojo” Luy Lim
- The Luys/Lims lineage originated in Mindanao, particularly in Maluso, Lamitan, Zambonga and Cagayan De Oro.

- The Napoles family own properties in office unit in Ortigas, houses in Ayala Alabang, houses and plot of lands in Forbes Park, a Hotel in California, an apartment unit in Las Vegas, farmlands in Zamboanga and other real estate properties in the Philippines, USA and China, bank accounts in Philippines, USA, Hong Kong and China.
The Apprentices:
John Lim (Eldest son of three children of Ronald “Bullet” Francisco Lim)
Role: JLN Corporation money courier and delivery boy to the politicians
Benhur Luy (Relative, half brother, anak ng katulong, of the Lims and Luys)
Role: Works closely with Janet as an assistant, courier and accountant. Turned whistle blower after relationship fallout with Janet.
Merlina Suñas (JLN Employee)
Role: Installed as a President by Janet for the NGO People’s Organization For Progress and Development Foundation Inc. Turned also as whistleblower

- There are still 4 unidentified whistleblowers under the “protection” of DOJ and NBI. All whistleblowers are former JLN employees.

- These are the people with very very closed ties with Janet and served as bank / investment account holders after they turn the PDAF / SARO cheques into cash. Consolidated value listed is bigger than actual amount. Transaction period from 2007 – 2011.

Gertrudes Luy: Php65milion
  • William Lim: Php35million
  • Vanessa Ajos Eman: Php30million
  • Edwin Tan: Php10million
  • Liza Ho Maclang: Php15million
  • Winnie Villanueva: Php120million
  • John Raymond De Asis: Php130million
  • Rosita Kawson Co: Php Php32million
  • Bonifacio Lao Maclang: Php10million
  • Karen Panlilio Pantoja: Php40million
JNL’s NGO / Foundation that were created within 10 years:
  • Development Program for Farmers Foundation Inc.
  • People’s Organization for Progress and Development Foundation Inc.
  • Philippine Agri and Economic Program for Farmers Foundation Inc.
  • Agrikultura Para Sa Magbubukid Foundation Inc.
  • Masaganang Ani Para Sa Magsasaka Foundation Inc.
  • Countrywide Agri and Rural Economic Developmen Foundation Inc.
- Prospero Pichay created the Asia Prime Energy Development Corp (Asia Star Power Resources Corporation) and Jimmy Napoles is the Chairman Of The Board. The purpose of the corporation is to become a front company in the energy sector in Mindanao as a provider of electricity and power. Funding for their “proposed projects” will be coming from PDAF of house representatives members based in the South. []

- Manuel “Mar” Roxas is implicated because of his cousin / relative Johnny Roxas, a former JLN employee. The two Roxas received gifts like cars and watches from JLN as an incentive for PDAF allocations and signatures of mayors in the Negros region.

- Panfilo Lacson is implicated because the Napoles and Lacson have the same real estate agent in purchasing houses in Ayala Alabang on San Isidro St.

- Bong Revilla, Jinggoy Estrada, Juan Ponce Enrille, Tito Soto, Jurdin Jesus Romualdo, Zenaida Ducut, Prospero Pichay, Rene Maglanque, Albert OJ Ambagan, Erwin Chiongbian, Gregorio Ipong,Proceso Alcala, are only the FEW of the COUNTLESS politicians the benefited from JLN Corp. through their ghost projects

- There are confirmed (or alleged?) 115 members of house of representatives that benefitted from JLN’s Foundation. They earned from Php2million to Php200million in a span of 10 years.

- JLN Corporation has an office address at 2502 Discovery Centre in Ortigas Centre.

- Discovery Center / Suites is owned by the Tiu family. Jose “Jun” Pareno is the COO of Discovery Suites. Ruben Tiu has a coal mining business overseas. One of the Tiu daughters is the girlfriend of James “Butsoy” Lim Napoles.

- After the whistleblowers’ accounts, couple of bombs already happened in Mindanao, birth place of the Luys, Lims, and the Napoleses.

- You can follow another blog at for another perspective:

(Napagalitan ako ng boss ko dahil hindi ko na fax yung purchase order sa supplier namin dahil ginagawa ko ito. Hindi ko alam kung papano ako makakatulong sa bansa para malunasan itong issue na ito, pero sana sa pag summarize ko ng mga balita, makatulong ako. At kayo mambabasa para naman sulit yung pagalit ng boss ko sakin, i-share nyo na lang itong pinaghirapan ko sa mga social media sites niyo hanggang sa kumalat sa buong mundo.)
Now she is unfortunately a fugitive. Instead of facing what was thrown on her face, she went into hiding. She's a Filipina, she should have known that in doing so, she's not only incriminating herself  but also awaken the whole Philippine's bloodlust. Remember Lourd de Vera and Ramon Bautista's tweet?

Our country still has a long way to go though. My faith in the government will be restored if this case is resolved. No I don't believe that corruption could be erased entirely because that's like saying it's possible to end all lies. But what I'm hoping is that the politicians we have today could at least learn to be better persons, it all starts with that.

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  1. hello, thanks a lot for posting this.... i know this isn't much considering that you we're scolded by your boss but... THANK YOU!
    it's not everyday that a person tries to be a help-the-nation person, or yet even try to be one.. but you are helping... even if it is not all at once... one by one, i hope and think that it will be possible to reach out for every one to be aware of what we should be fighting and standing's not an easy journey, but it will be worth it when you leave a trace, even if it is a tiny one, for the ones who will take on the next journey :))